Saturday, December 29, 2007

royal oak, MI. - lynchburg, OH. - wheeling, WV. what we saw there; a list.

on christmas eve, the frenchmen said he didnt know the prayers in english. my cousin told him, from the drivers seat, as we pulled up to that church a block from the Greektown Casino, that my brother and i would be happy to put to the prayers to him in english. he winked, and we all had a chuckle to spite our ignorance.
the priest wore a toupee visible from my perch three pews from the back. he quoted from the beloved holiday movie, "it's a great life" and there were murmurs. he did not correct himself.
detroit, that haunted wasteland, only good now for passing through, the low end of the barometer of better things.
i left there under heavy fog.

lynchburg, after cincinatti chili - chili over spagetti noodles, topped by shredded cheddar cheese, eat your heart out bob evans, white castle and cracker barrel - and the hot tub. i wore baseball shorts, borrowed from the adolescent girl cousin of JB. both of us in too-small shorts. budweiser. the water was 104 degrees. he didnt last; out we got, on the pleather couch i slept.

morn of the 28th: geese on a frozen plain of ice. fields of corn, cut to the stalk. due north on I-70, east of columbus, there was a billboard. five commandments were written there. the one about coveting, and four others. i turned to JB and said i thought there were ten and were these the most important, really? not half a mile later came another billboard with the subsequent five.

the army surplus store off main st in wheeling west virginia, just before a slice of pizza at dicarlos famous. we asked a woman wearing matching sweatpants and shirt, purple; asked after a good cheap bite of food. she told us the soup kitchen, where she was going; she smacked her lips and sashayed, just a little. said it was tasty AND free; we declined. found dicarlos famous, instead, there, at the confluence of the ohio and the wheeling, rivers. the cashier lady gave JB pepperoni despite his vegetarian inclinations towards cheese pizza.
we rolled a log cut in the shape of a buoy or cannonball, we argued, into the river there. the milky lime-hued river culled it away.

in pennsylvania, finally, we peeked ground under sheath of snow.

also, the man in the orange vest who cut antlers from a deer brained by a Kenworth, last night.

the concrete siding of silos broken away, bare to the rebar.

aluminum siding on a double-wide, reinforcement for snows and cold yet to come, courtesy of "heartland Express of iowa city, iowa".

but new york, again, and werent we thankful. the new year in a city that reinvents itself, molts daily.